West Point, PA
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I am sharing what I have found of the history of West Point by way of this web site. It's a work in progress and is getting better as people contribute to it. There are now 68 pictures of West Point Park!

Please check back in the future for more pictures and information. If you see a mistake or historical inaccuracy please send me an email, expecially if any werds are spelled rong.  All comments, complaints and advice are also welcome.


If you have any photographs that were taken in West Point and would like to share them with others on this site please contact me via the email address above. Any photo that shows a West Point landmark either in the background or as the subject will be interesting to others, especially to current and former residents.


The intention of this website is to present information about West Point in one place for all to easily enjoy.
Mike Simpson -  a proud resident of West Point Pennsylvania.