West Point, PA
  Events leading to the Streetscape Improvement grant 


Members of the West Point Preservation and Improvement Committee (WPPIC) and Township officials went to Harrisburg, PA as the first step in applying for Historic Eligibility status for the village. (Historic Eligibility is the process by which an area is officially recognized as having historical significance. It is not the same as Historic Preservation.)

Shown are Chris Ajello, Karen McCafferty, Township Manager Len Perrone, Ann Kulp, Linda Hoade and Planning Consultant E. Van Reiker

March 1, 2006. A meeting was held at the Upper Gwynedd Firehouse to inform residents about the plans to obtain Historic Eligibility status for the village and obtain feedback from the community regarding their interest in the endeavor.
Len Perrone explained the benefits of Historic Eligibility. A chart had been made showing area to be included.
Another chart showed historic buildings in the village. Green line is village residential, red line is village commercial.

Turnout at the meeting was light and there were two residents who did not want their properties included, but most residents were in favor. Unfortunately, due to compromises (structure changes) to many of the buildings, West Point did not have enough intact properties to be considered eligible.

Not to be defeated, Len Perrone applied to the State and Federal governments for money to improve conditions in the village. He was successful and on November 8, 2005 Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz presented Upper Gwynedd Township with a check for $300,000. Way to go, Len! (This was four years before anyone ever heard of "stimulus money".)

The Township employed the engineering company Czop/Specter, Inc. who made extensive surveys of the area and created a group of conceptual drawings of the completed project. In 2008 the plan was presented to the WPPIC, and the style of fixture to be used was decided upon. In a subsequent meeting it was determined that by adding a single lamp post on each side of West Point Pike the wattage of the bulbs could be reduced.

Also agreed upon was that the sidewalks on each side of the street would be replaced entirely. In the initial plan, the people who didn't take care of their sidewalk would get a new sidewalk, while the people who were responsible and maintained their sidewalk would get nothing.

On October 2, 2008 the plan was unveiled at a special meeting in the Upper Gwynedd Township building.