Renovating "The Nace Building"

1855 West Point Pike. August 2014.
The sign written on the windows says, "Now on Main Street Lansdale." This is the former site of "The Shabby Attic." On the right, painted white, was the "Castaway Cafe". The tenants were given one month to move out, then the building sat vacant for over two years.

2014, rear view. The West Point post office and two apartments are in the building to the right.
On the left, up the rusting stairs, was the illegal Section 8 apartment.
Porch at the top of the stairs.
2017. After the building was left empty, someone removed an air conditioner and destroyed part of the wall in the process.
Yours Truly investigates an old freezer built into this addition. It was a potential death trap for kids, and I'd check it from time to time.
Detail of one of the top windows.
The same window in 2018.

March 2017. The slate covering the structure has been removed.
These bottom windows haven't seen the light of day in over a half century.
What did they do with all the slate?
The diagonal planking is for strength and wind bracing.
You don't see construction like this anywhere today.
If these planks were particle board over 2X4s, the building would have collapsed in the 1930s.