West Point, PA
 Cherry Street

Cherry Street, located behind Jones Avenue is one of two undedicated* streets in West Point. (the other is Heebner Street,
between Garfield Ave. and Park Road.) Township maps show Cherry Street running between Chestnut Street and 4th Street.
Unlike Heebner Street which has an entrance to the firehouse and gets plenty of traffic, Cherry Street only goes
halfway up the block before vanishing in a neatly tended property now owned by Merck, Sharpe and Dhome.

Cherry Street on the Upper Gwynedd zoning map. Notice "Snyder Lane." It once led to a Boy Scouts campground.
Notice also, on the left is "Fifth St." Like Cherry Street, Fifth Street doesn't actually exist, except on maps.

People meet at 2nd and Cherry almost every morning, and most of them work for Thomas R. Smith, tree surgeon. 
Just as the firehouse paved their parking lot into Heebner Street, the parking lot at Tom Smith's has
been paved into Second Street, causing the street to disappear and meld into the parking lot.
Here is Cherry Street at the very end of Second Street, still visible though rarely used by motor vehicles.
This is the eastern-most edge of West Point Village. To the right is the property of Merck, Sharpe and Dhome.
Some of the foliage on the right was planted by Merck to hide their chain link fence, reducing the width of the street
The view behind the foliage and landscaping, looking towards 2nd Street from the middle of the block.
The area to the left on the other side of the fence was the approximate location of the Amos Jones farm.
Jones Avenue, middle of the 200 block facing East. Cherry Street vanishes at the rear of this property.
 In the 1990's Merck bought several properties on Jones Avenue, then promptly demolished the houses.
Today there are only three homes left on the East side of Jones Avenue.

* An undedicated street is not maintained by the Township. Each property owner is responsible for his "half". This explains
 how Merck was able to landscape the area next to their fence, cutting the width of Cherry Street in half. Where Merck
 owns both sides of Cherry street (because they bought the property on Jones Ave.) they have simple done away with it.