West Point, PA
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A single piece of track poses a question.

A historic relic of West Point industry lies undisturbed....

West Point Geology

Why aren't there any Dinosaur bones in West point? ...or gold,
 oil, lead, granite, diamonds, copper, or anything else of value?
         The facts on this page, when memorized, are guaranteed to break
         the ice at your next dinner party.

"Meet me at 2nd and Cherry."

"Meet you where??"
Forensic analysis of a slowly disappearing street. It doesn't
appear on modern maps, except those used by the Township.

MacPhee's Restaurant

Post card from MacPhee's Restaurant, now the Pizza Time Saloon.
Found at the Perkiomenville Flea Market. Click to enlarge!

ETC Company

A West Point mystery. What was this company? Click here
to see what they made. Perhaps you can help solve the mystery.


Send me a letter.

Someone has preserved a piece of West Point Park.



Someone preserved another piece of West Point Park. This is the
KIDDIELAND entrance that was under the roller coaster.


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