West Point, PA
 West Point (Mystery) Motorbike

The Little S•O•B (Snow Or Beach)
John C., of Harleysville PA, has possession of this motorbike and is restoring it. It was made by the ETC Company of West Point, PA. His local mechanic said he remembers these bikes and thought they may have been made by West Point Products, a company that made agricultural equipment.

John Mascaro of West Point Products was contacted, but reported that no, his company didn't make any motorbikes. He said that after West Point Products closed in the 1970's there were plenty of skilled machinists, welders and designers in the area who could have created ETC Company.


Here is a clue, a sponsor ad from a cookbook published in 1980 by Grace Church.

West Point Machine Products Corp. is at the same address as the old West Point Products Corp! This ad was placed 11 years after West Point Products closed. John Mascaro said he's never heard of the two men in the ad.

Since it's the same address, it stands to reason that some of the employees and machinery from the
older company were still there. Was the ETC Company a spin-off of West Point Machine Products?

The ETC Company trademark. What does ETC stand for?
Logo on the side of the motorbike.

The restoration

If you can shed any light on the origin of the "Lil S•O•B", the ETC Company or West Point
Machine Products Corp, please write to this website at website@westpointpa.com