Then and Now
Trolley Stop

A Montgomery Traction Company trolley stops at Zieber's Park on its way to Lansdale.
Ziebers Park was opened in 1867 by Hezekiah Zieber on what would become Garfield Avenue.
This picture was taken sometime between 1902 and 1912.
The approximate location in 2011. Zieber's Park was sold in the 1940's and eventually became "West Point Park".
In 1989 the park was sold to housing developer John G. Eichenlaub.

Undated postcard. The trolley tracks are faintly visible and the road is still dirt.
Garfield Avenue was paved with crushed stone in December of 1915.

The irony of it all... When the park was bulldozed to make room for houses, the developer left some of the trees.
When Hurricane Sandy came through in October of 2012 one of the park trees fell and landed on the house.

All of the trees seen in this photo were once part of the park.