Then and Now
West Point Pond

The "Rock-O-Plane" and "Silo Swing" at the pond in West Point Park. 
The same location in 1989, the year the park closed.  
The pond as it looked in 2012
The pond in 1905, when it was part of Zieber's Park.  
2012. Looking east from Park Road. Zieber's Park (and West Point Park) are gone, but the lake was preserved.
This photo shows one of the swan boats in Zieber's Park
Almost as a tribute to the swan boats, this Egret had taken up residence in the pond.
Here it is having a tasty snack.

West Point Park gave out goldfish as prizes. Some people dumped them into the pond.
As unlikely as it seems, this goldfish may be a descendant of one of those prizes.