Then and Now
West Point Pike

Kriebel's Store at West Point Pike and Garfield Ave. Undated.
Built by Samuel Kriebel in 1874 on a lot purchased from Jonathan Lukens.
The post office was just a small part of the general store, owned by Harry Nace since 1905. He installed the sidewalk in 1919.
In addition to meat and vegetables, every household item needed could be purchased here. There was even a shoe department!
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2006. The old West Point Deli can be seen on the right, the Shabby Attic on the left.
Here is how it looked in 1921. The porch is partially enclosed and converted into display windows.
Envelope from Harry Nase. Notice on the lower left he has Post Office Box 1. This makes sense as the post
office was in his store and he was the post master. Today that address belongs to Upper Gwynedd Township.
The top picture is an apparent enlargement of a postcard.
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   Dear Mary: - If nothing prevents, (?)     
I will set your place for
   Supper Sunday evening.
                 Your Pastor, D. K. Laudenslager

Text with uncertain "translation." Rev. Laudenslager was pastor of Grace Church from 1907 to 1910.

In some of the pictures a shed can be seen behind the building. This is the shed in 2009. Unfortunately, it no longer exists.