Then and Now
West Point Pike

West Point Pike - looking west from Garfield Ave. The date was...
...The Montgomery Traction Company laid the trolley tracks in 1902, coming from Norristown, going through West Point
with a stop at Zieber's Park and then on to Lansdale. In 1912 the Montgomery Traction Company was  purchased by
the Lehigh Valley Transit Company and the route was realigned to follow the Stony Creek Railroad.

How long were the unused tracks left in the street? The house on the left was built in 1910. Best guess is the photo was probably taken sometime around 1912.

A similar picture. By the looks of the trees, this was taken a few years after the top photo.
The house on the left, built in 1910, was purchased in November of 1918 by Robert Knerr. He renovated the building and built a two story addition to the rear, then moved his family from Allentown to this place in West Point.

Robert Knerr was the senior partner of Knerr and Mattern. Knerr lived here, Mattern lived in the end house at the other end of the block. Their business was right out the back door for both of them.

Knerr and Mattern's hay press was one of the largest in Montgomery County. The location of the hay press was the site of the West Point Feed House, from where West Point got its name. You may read more of this in the "History" section of this website.

2018. The addition on the back is 100 years old.