Then and Now
West Point Firehouse

The first West Point Firehouse. 2nd and Garfield Ave. Approx 1911.
In the 1950's this building was the site of Cook's penny candy and ice cream store.
The new firehouse, built in 1938, is up one block at 3rd and Garfield.
2019; now an apartment building.
Detail of plaque in upper pictures. In the top photo it appears the letters were once painted.
Undated Photo
The West Point Fire Company was organized in a meeting on November 24th, 1908 at Hallmeyer's Hall.

H.H. Hallmeyer served on the fire company's first finance committee. He was also a fireman.
J.F. Fenstermacher, local tinsmith, was the first Secretary of the fire company as well as a fireman.
Wm. K. Heebner, owner of the Heebner Grist Mill, was the company's first treasurer. Also a fireman.
H. M. Nase, owner of the general store, was the fire company's first Assistant Secretary. Also a fireman.

On June 21, 1910 the Building Committee of the fire company was granted approval to begin the
erection of the firehouse. The foundation and grading of the property were done by hand by the
members of the fire company. The concrete floor and apron were also poured by its members.