Then and Now
Lukens Station

Lukens Station, built in 1873. Photo taken in 1966
This is the site of the Lukens train station, built in 1873 on a parcel of land owned by Jonathan Lukens. It was one of ten stations on the "Stony Creek Line" of the North Penn Railroad, connecting Norristown to Lansdale. The Stony Creek Line is still in operation, but the station is long gone. For several years in the 1870's the West Point area was known as "Luken's Station." If not for this train station, there might be no "West Point, PA" today.
An early photo of the station from about 1880.
The size of the station in the photo is misleading.
Heebner's Mill is across Main Street, behind the station.
Luken's Station
At some point in history the station was modified,
extending the upper roof line to encompass this addition.
This photo was taken in 1951.
This rusted electric box likely held the wires
for the signal lights or the station's telegraph.
Insignia on the electric box, showing the letters
"R" and "A" in the cross section of a rail road track.
The box when it was connected to the station. This gives us  the exact location!
"West Point Depot" in 1967
What remained of the depot in 2006

The busy station nearly met its demise in March of 1917. A telegraph wire at Kneedler's station (the next stop) fell
on an electric line, burning out the instrument at the West Point station. The station agent, Joseph K. Huber, was
in the station at the time and prevented the building from being burned down.