West Point, PA


West Point is the west point of what?

 All we need are a few facts and an old map to find out.

Where was the "West Point Feed House"?

         West Point is named after this building. What happened to it?
 Again, all we need are a few facts and an old map to find out.

Zieber's Park

 A bit of history of the park followed by some post cards.
Article written in 1996 by Joseph Kennedy.

West Point Brick Yard

 A short history of the brick yard gleaned from old newspaper articles.

West Point Blacksmith

 Some information on one of the blacksmiths in West Point.

A Brief History of Grace Church

 Written in 1957, this document describes the founding of the church
in 1907 and some of the history of the following 50 years.

1951 - the Post Office gets a loading dock

 Merck, Sharpe and Dohme has come to West Point and the
Post Office needs an upgrade to handle the volume of mail.

50th Anniversary of the West Point Fire Co.

 This pamphlet from 1958, celebrating the 50th year of the Fire company,
is filled with  historical names, faces and old advertisements.


West point Lawn Products Corp

 Located on West Point Pike from 1936 to the 1970's.
This company revolutionized the turfgrass industry.

William John's house        

 Once on West Point Pike, but where? Finished in 1712, home of
the Welshman who purchased Gwynedd Township in 1698. 

1954 map of West Point & North Wales   

There is no "Astronaut Development" but the land is owned by a man named "Armstrong". Perhaps that's where the idea for the street names originated. There is a house on 2.2 acres owned by "Hoot" where the park is located at 2nd & Garfield. Other neat things, too.  

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